Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fired Up - CNN Protest of August, 2005

The calendar listing in the L.A. Weekly read as follows:

"As a mouthpiece for the Bush Administration, CNN has a lot to answer for over its coverage of the Iraq War. You can send a message to the pro-war news media and to demand the repeal of the PATRIOT Act, a call for no draft and a halt to the war."

That is a lot of issues for one protest. I also know that the number of people participating has dropped of considerably. But even if it was only one person on that corner shaking a fist at the CNN building, I had to check it out. My destination? Sunset and Vine Streets.

This is a Windows Media Video of the CNN Protest:
WMV 320x240 Movie

Even in Hollywood there are neighborhoods and families. Businesses. There are real people behind the tinsel. When you live in Los Angeles you often have to practice creative disassociation. There is a tourist part of Hollywood. There is a growing presence of the Latino/a population. Upscale renovations that occupy the same space as the prostitutes and chicken hawks.

Let's Pretend is face to face with Let's Be Real. Sensory overload. Anyway, this is my take on the protest. To my knowledge, I was the only other person recording the event with the exception of a reporter and cameraman from Telemundo. I don't know if I should count the security guy shooting photos from high above.

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