Sunday, August 07, 2005

Everywhere A Sign – This Is Not A Good Sign

It was the end of my workday. I was looking for my bus stop. For the past three months, it isn't always in the same place. I like to think of it as involuntary exercise for all transit riders.

So, I'm walking four blocks away from my usual stop trying to avoid falling in a pit. I look up and see this sign:

Our Alternatives?

1. Do they really want to eliminate all possible alternative fuel sources?

2. Perhaps this is an acknowledgement of a reduction on choices for competing companies?

3. This will insure higher prices and limited supply options?

4. This is an announcement of a merger between Arco and British Petroleum?

5. All of the above?

Is it really saying that? Oh my. I read it twice. There is song lyric that comes to mind. "Got me jerking back and forth." And not in a good way.


  1. I thought the sign was implying that Arco and BP hope to make alternative fuel the only fuel source, eliminating the need for dependence on nonrenewable resources.

  2. i kinda got that message too - I saw that sign several times in LA this weekend... I got the impression that it was trying to make alternative fules at the very least a viable option.

  3. This kind of media campaign reminds me of how Philip Morris has all kinds of suggestions on how you can stop smoking.

    Maybe, this company really does have more of a social conscience than others. Maybe they do a better job of protecting the environment.

    But, if they do, it's because they believe it is "good business" to do so.

  4. When it comes to oil companies I really don't have a lot of hope on them embracing alternative energy.

    I think that they will use and confuse the meaning of words to their advantage.

    My inner cynic has her doubts, especially with gas hitting $3.50 and climing.