Sunday, July 24, 2005

Season of Us - Music At the Farmer's Market

Sometimes you need to get back to what is real. Food use to be real. It had a smell, a taste and an expiration date.

I like going over to the Farmer's Market when I get a chance during my work week. Sometimes they have performers. Bill and Stephanie make their living playing music.

Stephanie Playing Flute

This is just a little snip that I put together. Music does have a healing power. We all need to rev down at least once a day. Bill and Stephanie have music CDs that can help you do just that, very relaxing.

If this sample of their music has caught your interest you can learn more about them at their website

1 comment:

  1. Live music anywhere rocks, but it has a prticularly calming effect at farmer's markets. Plus, I can never resist video recording it. Check out my local farmer's market. There's even a husband/wife duo sowing the air with sweet sounds.