Monday, July 04, 2005

The Cats Are Crazy – Keep Your Humanity

It has been a long time since any political or war based items have appeared in Stoop.

Maybe I just gave up. Or I got busy with other life bubbling up close to home. Maybe I thanked Spirit enough that my cousin is back in America so I didn't have to worry about attending a funeral.

Those of us who believe this war was wrong from the get-go are called anti-American, liberals commies and a bunch of other names. When we pointed out that there was no evidence of WMD, that war crimes are being committed in America's name and now certain U.S. crimes (such as breaking and entering) are now being classified as "domestic terrorist attacks,", we are accused of being nit picky or that what we see does not exist. In the long term, the benefits will justify the errors of the day.

Fine. Okay. There is another voice to be heard in this matter. A former Army soldier who served in Vietnam and is trying to educate the walking war wounded from Iraq. There is a powerful letter from Stan Goff, retired, US Army. No matter if you believe the war is just or a huge mistake, read this letter and then consider your position –

This letter is located at Military Families Speak Out, an organization of military families that oppose the war. The main site is

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