Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Reflex - Do Burgers and Art Mix?

I was walking along, minding my own business when I spy an In and Out Burger Truck. It was parked at the Pacific Asia Museum and I had a visual disconnect. Burgers? Museum?

In & Out Burger Truck
That In and Out urge started messing with my mind and I was drawn to walk up to see what was happening.

A middle-aged woman shouted out "Come Join Us!" Sensing a plea for pledges or my soul, I walked forward carefully. In fact, The Museum was having a free open house. My heart went out to them. They did a phenomenal amount of work but they didn't let anyone know that they were going to do this, outside of their membership base. Who didn't shown up in sufficient numbers. They were reduced to plucking people off the street.

Not a news truck in sight, not that they would have showed any inclination to cover the event. I checked the free papers before venturing out. Not a word. Didn't here diddly on the local radio station. This got me to thinking.

Those of us with an interest in photography and all forms of blogging might want to consider adopting a museum or a non-profit to help promote or document events. We can all do our part to keep a docent off the streets.

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