Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Memories - Five Years of Stoop

Yep, five whole years of writing the newsletter version of Stoop. The web site – soon to be converted into a holding place for videos, has been up almost 10 years.

The blog is coming along, will be adding videos as soon as I can. I've got isues with time and the lack of it in my life. Time is moving way too fast for me. It quakes me.

A quake is a movement of energy in the body of an entity. Earthquakes are easy to understand. Quakes in your body are sometimes desirable, or so I have been told. It is those mind and sprit
rattlers that make me want to duck and cover.

A 23 year old woman jumped from what the locals lovingly call Suicide Bridge last week. Recently I read of another journalist killing himself two months ago. This ups the tally to five or six well respected reporters offing themselves.

Quite honestly, we can't afford to have smart people deceasing themselves. America has a serious intelligence deficit. Why put the rest of us at further risk?

All I can tell you is to allow the energy to pass through and ignore the hyper critical voice. I'm not being deliberately cryptic. I don't know what will upset your day-to-day existence. I'm having a couple of life jolts myself. Nothing serious but if I could I'd down a pint or two of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia or New York Super Fudge Crunch Ice Cream in a heartbeat.

Since I can't eat that stuff, I have to find healthy ways to deal with the challenges of life. Carrot Juice is good. Carrot and Beet Juice is great but very expensive. Do the best you can or at least call somebody. If necessary take your vitamines AND your medication for serious depression.

F*ck the Reaper but send him home alone.

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