Monday, June 06, 2005

Life Beyond L.A. – Chant Time Travel with Wat Thai

I get my seat, stash a set of batteries in each pocket, and start shooting. When I'm not doing straight photos I'm doing 20 seconds of Quick Time movies so I can record the chants. (Gotta get a tape recorder or a recordable media player.)

I do like the sound of people chanting. For a moment, I was suspended between multiple cultures. Yep. I love that transcendence time travel. Hard to book reservations but worth the effort.

Before The Chanting Begins

Another event worker comes up to me and tells me that I can't take photos in the museum.

But I'm not in the museum; I'm in the Auditorium. Bummer. I put my Lumix down but not necessarily off – I still needed to record the chants so I aimed it at the door. Next thing I see is a couple of people, some event workers taking snaps. Puzzlement.

The original event worker comes back to me and whispers in my ear, "Sorry it is okay just don't use the flash." Not a problem, I use a little discretion but I'm back in the groove.

Monk Prepares For the Blessing

The highlight for me was when the Monk blessed the audience by flicking water on them. He seemed very happy to distribute the blessings. Must be like hitting folks with spiritual water balloons.

It never gets old.

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