Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I Fought The Law & The Law Won – Bait Car & Chicago Crime

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Bait Car - A car is a parked where car thieves are known to strike. When a thief steals a car or attempts to steal a stereo the video cameras record what happens in the car. Most are young men with way too much time on their hands.

The car is outfitted with cameras, tracking systems and remote control options. When the bad people are caught (we are talking Mounties) they have the dubious honor of being convicted and
having the foul deed posted on the RCMP web site.

One dude was stone cold bonkers. Come to think of it, he might have been an U.S. nut job that slipped pass immigration. He was driving at 144-kmh (90 miles an hour) and yelling "Incoming" at the top of his voice. In any event, don't nick a car in Canada, eh. -

Should you plan on visiting the Chicago area you might want to visit Chicago Crime to find the hot spots in town. I don't mean food or dancing. I mean crime. It is a visual map of active crime areas with the description of the crime, date, and time.

Combine Google maps with Chicago police department reports of crime in the area and you have a clear visual representation of who is boosting cars, performing acts of a carnal nature, and distributing non-legal pharmaceuticals. From what I could see the day I visited, you might want to keep clear of the waterfront area. Tsk, tsk.

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