Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cosmic Wheels - The Monks of Wat Thai of Los Angeles

The Court Yard

I have always loved the court yard of The Museum. Back in the day, I could walk in at lunchtime and watch the Koi in the pond. Office workers could hang out with the trees and listen to happy birds. You could decompress and regain a bit of humanity before going back to work.

You can't do that anymore because a few years ago some evil spirit posing as a human being murdered the original set of Koi in the pond. Such is the way of (some) humans.

Anyway, I'm making acquaintance with the new Koi and checking out the scene. This does not last long because an event worker is urging me to the visit the Auditorium to hear chanting by the Monks of Wat Thai of Los Angeles.

Cool! I have my camera, have three sets of fresh batteries. Life can be good if you are open to it.

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