Friday, May 13, 2005

On With The Show - Previewing & Distributing Your Web PSA's

(May 2009 update - you can upload .avi videos to, YouTube and most video hosting services. Try to keep the file size down below 100MBs. There are newer tools and options but this is what I knew in 2005. Consider this an historical post but check out my new stuff for current options.)

Wow! Almost finished. You gonna want to preview your PSA a few more time just to knock the bugs out. Better still have a trusted friend or a little kid peep over your shoulder. They might catch a bugaboo that you might have missed.

Time to share your PSA with the world. Here are your options:

The first order of business is to save your project. This will have the Dubit.dub file extension. Next, move to the file menu and select "Create Movie."

If you plan to post your PSA on your web site or blog Dubit can save files in the traditional Real Player format. Anyone with any version of the Real Player or Real Alternative who has a modern browser will be able to see your PSA.

The downside? Not everyone has a modern browser. Not everyone can or wants to use Real Player formatted files.

You can also save as a Windows .avi file. AVI files can be large but the advantage is that every media player can display this format. And although it is listed in the drop down menu, you can't save in the Windows .asf format. You wouldn't want to anyway.

If you have QuickTime Pro ($30) you can import the .avi file into QuickTime Pro and save it in the QuickTime format - .mov However, you run into the same issues as before. Not everyone is using a modern browser or they don't have the free version of QuickTime installed. Bummer.

Now you can't please all of the people all of the time but I think I have a solution for the masses. Swish Video ($50 from Swishzone) allows you to convert Windows Media (.avi and .wmv) and QuickTime media files into the Flash Animation format. It is quick, easy and most important the .swf file format has become the universal format for sharing media files. It is a very easy program to use and by dingy it works. You can download a free 15 day trial copy at Swishzone.

There you have it. And the good thing about it is that once you get the hang of it, you can apply what you have learned with other audio and video programs. But I wanted to use old technology to help good people reconnect with the ability to do good. Or do better. I'm not sure anymore. I need a nap.

Go forth, do good work and keep in touch.

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