Monday, April 18, 2005

Hey Mr. DJ – Turntables Flash Animation Mixer

Here I am – got the flu, the creeping feeling of crud and piles of work that have to be finished. I need a break. I think I may have just found it with an oldie but goody in my URL list.
is an online DJ mixing flash animation. Yes, you too can ride the wheels of steel.

It comes in two versions. A Flash 3 format that is simple and quick to load for dial-up users. You click the top turntable to start the music and the other turntables are used to scratch and mix.

The Flash 4 version has a vocal DJ that you can click active. You also can get the audience involved. I think this version has other features but unfortunately I don't read any of the Scandinavian languages. It took me a while to figure out I had to drop and drag the records on to the turntable.

Nothing fancy, no wow factor but so long as my head is pounding it might as well do it to a steady beat. Enjoy.

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