Friday, April 01, 2005

Everybody's Got A Hungry Heart - Cyber Toaster Museum

I love this underground anthropology movement. In my continuing quest to learn everything, I stumble upon a shrine to toasters. You may question a site dedicated to toasters but if you think about it, "why not?" Toasters required bread. How did they know toasting would work? How did the ancestors figure out toast and jam was a winning combination? Who told them about butter? And cinnamon toast - genius!

Special shout out to the person who figured out that the slots needed to be wider so that you can toast a half a bagel without potentially electrocuting yourself.

But this isn't about the stuff you put in the toaster as much as it is the devices. I've seen some cool toasters in my time but there are classy gems in the Toaster museum. There are plans to build an actual real world Toaster museum but they got a way to go on fundraising. Man, that has got to be a hard sell -

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