Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Computer Love – Home Office Computer Magazine - UK

What if you could not only read a computer magazine but actually see the concepts demonstrated on screen? Or view a tutorial movie inside of the magazine?

Home Computer Magazine is a PDF publication from Cranberry Publishing in the United Kingdom. It is an interesting concept. The online only magazine is published in two versions, a dial-up version with full content but without the interactive features.

The Broadband version has all of the content of the dial-up version but the graphic resolution is better and there is interactive content. Since I have dial-up it took me about 12 minutes to download Issue #5.

The magazine is free however, it is advertiser supported. I was concerned about potential spyware creeping in but I haven't seen or notices anything out of the ordinarily. Still I chose to download just the PDF and not the helper program. The advertisements don't get in the way of the content.

There was a five page article on how to do CD and DVD burning, including how to create audio CD's with Windows Media Player. The instructions are easy enough for novice users to be able to follow. There are reviews of products and software as well as a tutorial section.

I hope this is a trend, to publish timely magazine content via the Adobe PDF format. If they can survive via advertiser support (without the nastiness of spyware) then I and my fellow tree
huggers are all for it.


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