Monday, March 28, 2005

This Is It – Images For Your Dubit PSA's

You do not need a $1,000 camera to shoot a web based slide show. Dig out that old 1- megapixel or 640 by 480 digital camera you've got stuffed in the closet. I've even had luck with a $20 Concord Eye Q Mini, provided I only shoot outside or inside with florescent lights. Know your camera's limitations but go for it. Remember, this is going to be viewed on the web so keep it simple.

No digital camera? No problem. If you are shooting film you can have a Photo CD made at the same time that your prints are being processed.

Have photos and a scanner? You are set to convert your images into jpeg/jpg format. If you don't have a scanner here is another option. Many camera and major drugstores have in-house photo scanners that convert prints into digital files. You will need to bring or purchase a floppy disk, memory card, a CD-R disk.

No camera or scanner? Still not a problem. Some of the classic PSA's used text or animated text with music. You certainly can make title cards with Microsoft Paint. It is located in the Accessory folder.

If you have a recent version of Corel Word Perfect Office, Microsoft Office or Open Office you have a presentation program that can export slides to jpeg/jpg format. Some folk are working in older versions of Corel Presentations or Microsoft PowerPoint. It may save images in an older proprietary format, such as .wpg or .wmf. Convert those formats by using Irfanview –

Here are a few tips for titles. Keep the background simple, stick with an easy to read typeface such as Arial or Time New Roman. Most importantly make the type big 44pts or larger. Your viewers will appreciate not having to squint to try to read your message.

Next, how to prepare your images for the slide show.

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