Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Free Bird - Feminists For Free Expression

This is a strange time. I do not care for this almost puritanical rush to censor or punish any thought or expression that "may" be considered offensive, sexual or could be potentially threatening to the youth of America.

My goodness. Has anyone over 21 years of age viewed the games, music and movies that specifically are targeted to people between the ages of 3 to 21? I have seen parents bring toddlers to watch the latest blood soaked horror movie.

How concerned are we really?

Internally I may question their parenting skills. However, I have to respect the fact the parents made a choice to view the horror film with their child.

That is the key word here. Choice.

Feminists For Free Expression (FFE) understands and supports the notion that people have the right to decide for themselves what materials and media are offensive.

Mind you, I said offensive. Not illegal. Big difference.

FFE also supports artists whose work is being suppressed as well as filing friend of the court briefs to defend everyone's rights to access materials without the control of the state or certain faith based organizations -

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