Thursday, February 24, 2005

Must Be The Music – Digital Audio Preview

I'm getting closer to buying an MP3 player. Every time I am about to plunk cash money down on the counter, a new better device comes along.

I'm not greedy mind you. My desires are that the MP3 player accommodates a wide variety of formats. I want FM reception. It has to be able to record lectures and meetings and I don't want to pay more
than $250.

Then again, the Apple iPod Shuffle is simple, clean and only plays music. Ah, Simplicity. Plus, it is $99, which is a lot closer to me than $250 is at the moment. I need help. My first stop is Digital Audio Preview.

I was able to quickly find out which media players have quality recording capabilities. I can do a quick price check on the various players. The Online Music Store Guide has a list of legal download music sources. I didn't know about the restrictions from some of the companies on what I could do with the music after downloading.

The site has a chat section, FAQ's and articles on various digital audio topics. Good starting place for this media player newbie -

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