Saturday, January 08, 2005

King of the Road - The Importance of Failure

I do not like failure. I have had enough for two lifetimes.

However, I understand the necessity of failure. I know this because I am enrolled in the University of Life and currently starting on my Masters of Arts in Failure where the classes come fast and the pop quizzes are nightmares.

Here is the frustrating part. I persist in trying. I rack up a bunch of failures. I get use to failing. Then I go and mess that up by succeeding, which is what happens when you keep trying. True respectable failure does not mean you keep using the same methods
that don't work - that's stupid. You have to diversify your failures in order to become successful.

I am in good company with this process. Thomas Edison tried 1,000 times before he got a working light bulb The book Chicken Soup for
the Soul was rejected 144 times before it found a publisher

I Hate My Life had a commercially successful television show. He lived high on the financial hill with his church, family and friends. Then he lost his job, his home, his church, his family and
his friends. He learned to live the life of a homeless person.

He knows first hand the failure of the society safety nets and how quickly you can be emotionally kicked to the curb if you are not flowing with money. How the church he supported when he was flushed did not want anything to do with him when he was broke.

I Hate My Life's story has a currently happy ending. He did find another job. He has recycled his failure in a redemptive purpose. IHML's site provides information about resources, survival tips and links to help others in his former situation. I Hate My Life is planning to make a movie about his experiences. Only in La-La Land -

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