Sunday, October 24, 2004

Take It To The Limit - Urban Legend DeBunking

Some days I don't have time for a thought let alone a deep think. Places to go, people to see, all this and laundry too. I'm not really grousing about doing laundry - it is an opportunity to write and have I got stuff for this issue!

JibJab Update: In case you didn't hear the boys are legally off the hook. It was found that "This Land Is Our Land" fell out of copyright and is in the public domain. Yeah! The truth will set
you free.

Urban Legends - Speaking of the truth, there are a bunch of e-mail hoaxes being passed around, some are as old as Bigfoot. One of the best places to check out questionable stories is to visit The Urban Legends Reference Pages.

I have been meaning to go into deeper details about urban legends. I tend to ignore them but a friend sent me one the other day and I almost fell for it. However, just to be sure, I checked
and sure enough, it was complete fiction.

I realized we all are having trouble separating truth from fiction so any reliable help is much appreciated. Now not all urban legends are false. Here is a beauty about a certain cola -
Feel the curves? I live for this stuff!

So when somebody sends you an email about saving Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers being a killer marine, Save NPR, Cookies Recipes or the ACLU being against Marines praying (False!) this
is a good starting place.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Think of Laura - Five Wishes Medical Directives

I remember Laura Branigan's voice. It was distinct and dramatic. So when I heard that she had passed away it aged me up just a little more than I would have liked.

We all are going to die. Me? I don't want to be a living example of "The Brain That Would Not Die" or take the risk that some new technology will keep me around longer than my body wants
to stay. Five Wishes is 12-page legal document that informs caregivers on:

  • Who you want making decisions for you when you can't?
  • Medical treatments you want and don't want?
  • ow comfortable you want to be?
  • How you want to be treated?
  • What you want your loved ones to know.
This guide forces you to make important decision about the quality of your health care and, just as important, the quality of your passing. It is not fun reading but if you have loved ones you
can make certain decisions easier for them to live with.

Then again, knowing some of my relatives, I would not want to leave the decision in their hands. Let's just say they are practical people. If there were any money in my estate, they sure would not want to waste it by keeping me on life support or assist me in receiving proper palliative care.

There is a fee to purchase the Five Wishes Medical Directives but you can download and review a non-printing copy by visiting The Aging With Dignity site

Friday, October 15, 2004

Say It Isn't So - Dubya, JK, Science and Technology

What? You thought I'd go a whole issue without bringing politics into the mix? Nobody is safe until two months after the election, if then. It will take them that long to recount the count of the 3rd recount.

I came across an article from the international science magazine Nature. It asked 15 specific scientific and technology questions of both Dubya and Kerry. For example:

Q10-Does the Endangered Species Act need to be amended in order to operate more effectively? If so, how would you amend it?

BUSH: We need to modernize the act so that it provides the greatest benefits to those species most in need. For example, productive reforms could include habitat conservation plans,
conservation banking, voluntary agreements with landowners, and partnerships with states, tribes and nongovernmental organizations. These programmes could provide far greater
conservation benefits while avoiding unnecessary regulatory, economic and social burdens.

KERRY: John Edwards and I support protecting wildlife and the important goals of the Endangered Species Act. We will implement the act in a cooperative manner that extends
the benefits of wildlife and habitat protection to public and private lands. With adequate funding and a cooperative approach that works for both wildlife and property owners, we will continue
America's strong legacy of protecting wildlife.

Now don't get you hopes up that they will be straight forward, specific or dare I say it, completely candid. On some issues they are not that far apart and others are as wide as the Grand Canyon. To read the article visit: - or

Saturday, October 09, 2004

I Got Five On It - Osama Bin

Have to slip this in - can't believe it but I swear it is the real deal. Many folks have speculated that there will be an October Surprise in the form of a certain individual name Osama being escorted to an U.S. holding facility.

Well, step right up and place your bets. With Osama Bin you can place a $3 bet on the administration finding or producing Osama, or you can select U.S. invades North Korea,
invades Iran, Bush postpones the election or Bush kicks Dick Chaney to the curb.

Actually, you don't need to part with $3. In the rules you can request a free entry form but you need to act quickly to make the drawing. The grand prize is based on the total number of entries. The winner gets 50% of the total net amount with the maximum amount of $500,000. For more info, rules and other stuff visit

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Let's Dance - The Candidates On Technology

You know me - I look to the essentials. Food, shelters, freedom of thought.

Speaking of thinking there is a good piece on how Dubya and Kerry* feel about technology issues.,1759,1649571,00.asp

The Kerry camp was forthcoming with specific answers. The administration referred the writers to existing statements on the web site -

Not all responses to questions were on the website at the time of the publication of the article.
I find it is easier to read PC Mag articles in the print version:,1761,a=135747,00.asp

These are issues that are going to kick us in the rumps unless we and the so called leaders pay attention.

*I can't bring myself to call him Herman, it is just not right.