Wednesday, June 30, 2004

If I Only Had A Brain...

It make so much sense. To organize a blog like the Dewey Decimal System. I used to know the DDS by heart. If I can wiggle into the Library Assistant Classes I will have to learn both DDS and LOC.

To book junkies this is not a bad thing. I bow at Lisa Williams feet in deep respect. Not only for the DDS but stepping up to the plate on citizen journalism.

Yes, yes I am not the only one who get this! There is another. Each one teach one and somebody has got to write this stuff down. My brain expands. The actual name of the blog is "Learning the Lessons of Nixon"

Sunday, June 27, 2004

This World - How To Wean America Off Of Fossil Fuels

There are those of that know the world has a finite supply of dinosaur grease a.k.a. oil. After you drain Alaska, Africa, Antarctica, and the methane pool that is under Southern California there is not going to be enough of anything left to run a scooter.

It does not have to be that way. Now some folks promote wind, solar and nuclear power but I’m talking vegetable oil. This is a fuel source I understand! With the low carbohydrate craze raging on, it could not have come at a better time. Have to do something with all that unused grease.

Dig it, you can run cars on used (hopefully filtered) vegetable oil. I suppose you could also do it with rendered animal fat but I don’t want to complicate the issue. I need everybody on the same page and I strive to be inclusive.

The basic premise is that you modify a car to accept the used cooking oil. The technical term for this is Bio-Diesel. The State of California’s Energy Commission has a kid’s version explanation, which is perfect for an automotive impaired person like myself to understand - or to get an overall alternative fuel primer visit

This is not new fangled stuff. The technology has been around for 100+ years. The willingness to actively promote veggie oil or bio-diesel fuel is just kicking into consciousness in America.

The Biotta Family bought a $400 Dasher off of eBay. The car was converted into a veggie-mobile. They drove to Argentina in that car. You can read more about their trip -

Even some companies are doing its part to promote alternative fuel transportation. Clif Bar – the makers of nature/healthy snack food is also doing its part to promote alternative fuels transportation. Two drivers are taking a tour of the east coast to promote natural energy mobility -
The Veggie Van has made the commitment to convert Americans over to veggie-powered cars. Part of their mission is to help educate and motivate change. It is a non-profit organization that is supported by the sale of books and technology to show how easy it is to make the switch from petroleum. They will be busy moving up and down the California coastline, so be on the look out for the van -

Sunday, June 20, 2004

All Night Long - Sniffing Out the Goodies

Real shoppers use the same skills on-line as off-line.

For those of you that need to scope out the deals Sales Circulars give you a master list of an item, for instance a camcorder. You can view a list of stores offering the product, if a rebate is available and how much product cost. For all 50 states and not just tech products. Sweet –

A good place to view actual items for sale is They have a wide range of household, entertainment and computer items that change constantly. The products are new and refurbished items at 30% to 70% off retail price. If you time it right, you might get shipping for $2.95 or free.

If you got that geek urge and need a technical fix but your wallet is light Computer Geeks is right up you alley. Barebones, new and refurbished equipment for your buying pleasure. It helps to have some computer experience but it is pretty straightforward as to what you are buying, the cost and what else you will need to make it work –

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy I’ve Got Love In My Tummy – Dim Sum

I was walking through Chinatown taking pictures and trying to stay out of some of my old favorite food places. It was a foolish effort. I’d find myself walking in and gazing at shrimp wrapped in noodles, fried fish, stuff pig intestines, and pound after pound of ducks. I had to back away from the steam tables. The only thing I could have eaten was the Styrofoam box.

I kept walking. I always like to take the back streets and I came across another store. Like a moth to a flame I went in. Off to the side of the steam table there was a bakery section. They had Onion rolls and BBQ Buns. My god, I can eat these!

The BBQ bun was so good I forgot to remove the pastry paper that was stuck at the bottom. I was halfway into the Onion roll before I noticed. Good Dim Sum and Chinese pastry will do that to you.

To learn more about Dim Sum you can visit Cuisine Net and read a brief introduction to what Dim Sum (mostly steamed dumplings and noodles) the variety of great food available and additional links about Chinese food -

Foxy Lady – Firefox Browser

It is long past time to stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) as your Internet browser. Too many lowlifes are using MSIE flaws to deliver viruses, Trojans and the first scourge of 21st Century – spyware. Not to mention the “phishing” expeditions that could lead you to phony banking sites that want to harvest your personal identity and bank accounts.

The safest option at this point for Windows users is to download and use Firefox. It does a much better job of not allowing spyware to install on your computer without you knowledge or permission. There is an added benefit of multiple tables, stopping pop-up windows and greater control of how it looks and behaves.

I know in the past that I have recommended Crazy Browser as an overlay to MSIE. Seriously, get and use Firefox. Do not uninstall MSIE. There may be a few sites that are not totally compatible with Firefox (for the moment) and you can use both browsers at the same time.

Now it is not going to solve all of your problems, particularly if you download MP3s, bootleg software or have a tendency to visit sites of a “carnal” nature. If you have children or teenagers, you are automatically at risk.

Firefox is free, open source software. That means no money changes hands, constantly updated and much better security. For more information visit and to download Firefox visit

Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Next Big Thing? – Gizmodo and Engadeget

I admit it. If I have to choose between a designer gown and a 400GB hard drive, I’ll go naked and pick the hard drive. Digital cameras and camcorders place stars in my eyes and the song of switching from Windows XP to Linux is getting louder.

When I need a non-financial fix on all that is new and wonderful I visit Gizmodo or Engadeget.

Gizmodo has a brief review, pictures and links to the gadget of the minute. On the day I visited there was the Philips KEY019 flash drive with built-in MPEG-4 camcorder, a snorkel style FM radio that plays underwater and Ultra High Definition Television that is being developed that will make television appear as if you are looking out of a clean plate glass window on a spring day -

Engadeget is very similar in concept to Gizmodo but I notice a few more entertainment and human-interest stories at the blog. The sheriff who took a hit of a Taser gun just to prove that it was not necessarily a bad or dangerous thing has got me worried about the decreasing intelligence of the American people. If you want to watch the video of him getting tasered, be my guest.

There is also information about the July 1st deadline for cable companies to provide access to a variety of digital cable boxes. Supposedly you are no longer locked into techno-crap boxes the cable company gives you. I really like the section on how to buy cell phones. Engadeget links to its own internal blog pages by topic so that you can really dive into a specific sections goodies.

You can never have too much stuff and between the two of these blogs I can barely keep up. This is much better than not even being in the loop -

Paul Neave and

There are creative folks among us and Paul Neave is one of them. I like it when I click on a border on his web site and it wiggles. Then again, I am easily amused. Oh course he has a blog, cool pictures of sites in the UK but more important than that he has games.

If you have a thing for old arcade games like Pac-Man, Asteroids, Tetris or Simon you can download free games recreated in Flash Animation format.

I have to leave Simon alone. Simon just makes me crazy. But if you are up to it and your brain cells can handle the challenge then go forth and conquer –

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Real Men Cook – BBQ and Good Work

Ah, memories of the Rib Crib fill my heart and soul. Winter battered folks lining up outside in parkas exposed to bone chilling weather. All for a taste of a slab of ribs or BBQ Chicken with a side of Cole Slaw. It was the frostbite that made us do it.

Fortunately, good BBQ is not hard to find. You can satisfy your charred meat or veggie desires and help the cause. Can you do good work by eating Sweet Potato Cheesecake? Of course you can!

Real Men Cook for Charity is hosted in various cities around the country. It brings together mothers, fathers, sister, brothers and all others who care about community. The men folk do the cooking and the women folk get to ask, “Is it done yet?” The young ones get to see Pop in a new light and more importantly, money is raise for various charities that provide support and assistance.

So if you live in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans or Philadelphia get ready for some serious eating and community building. For more information on the event, visit