Sunday, November 14, 2004

Wang Dang Doodle - Online Shopping Nice and Easy

I had to buy a traditional camera and no time to shop. I searched eBay and Yahoo Auctions but I didn't have time to wait for the auctions to end or try to figure out how much in shipping I was
going to have to pay. to the rescue. They have a wide range of items from household & kitchen stuff, electronics, DVDs and whatever floats your boat. Might even have the boat. Products are new,
overstock returns from stores or refurbished.

Refurbished items are products that were originally purchased in a store, returned for whatever reason, tested, evaluated, and then sent to for re-sale.

It doesn't necessarily mean that there was anything wrong with the item but Overstock and many manufactures toss in various length warranties, depending on the item.

The pictures are good with the ability to see different angles of the products. The descriptions are helpful and sometime folks offer feedback on a purchase. ships items for under $3, no matter the size or weight. If you are one of those folks that want it good and fast, you can purchase three day or next day delivery options. And no sales tax!

Check out process was fast. I was told when the item shipped and I could track it online. It actually came a day early. Score! Painless shopping -

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