Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm On The Outside Looking In - Global Voting For President

Sadly, many Americans will choose not to vote in this election. I
know I've tried my best to convince them otherwise but they have
their reasons. But there is a huge international interest in this

What we do in America has a global impact. The United States
importing and exporting of goods, services and personnel are a
vital part of other countries economic survival. Any military
action has an equal and opposite effect on millions of people. gives foreign citizens a chance to express who
they want for President of the United States.

It is, of course, a non-binding vote. World-Vote restricts the
ballots to Dubya and Kerry. Visitors click the check box under
the candidates image and are asked to select their country, region,
sex and age. You can view the tally so far by visiting

Global Vote 2004 included all of the candidates running for the
Presidency including:

Michael Barnarik - Libertarian Party
Michael Peroutlk - Constitution Party
Walt Brown - Socialist Party USA
David Cobb - Green Party
Ralph Nader - Reform Party, Independent

Visitors can only vote once and the results will be released 48
before the election to the news media.

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