Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm Moving Out - American Expatriates Looking To Canada

There are people who are disgusted with what is going on in this country. They are not waiting for the election; they plan to migrate out of the country.

On the travel list are Canada, New Zealand, the Bahamas and two young men who want to move to South Africa. If you are interested in taking up residence some place else - particularly if the election doesn't go the way you have hoped then you need to get busy. There is a lot of work to do before you show up at the border with your toothbrush.

If you are interested in Canada then you need to know that you have to have enough money to support yourself. Currently $10,000 is the starting point but I am unclear if that is U.S. or
Canadian moolah.

One of the web sites to check out is It is the story of how one person moved north to Canada. If you follow the rules, to the letter, it can be almost painless.

If you really want the juice then visit Carolyn's Canadian Immigration Information. It one part personal narrative and one part real world "this is what you have to do to move to Canada",

If you are really to the bone serious about this then you should visit the official Canada immigration site

As always, be on the lookout for scammers wanting to help you facilitate the process. Stick with the official legal channels. And whatever you do, you don't give up citizenship. You are just
looking to hang out for a while until the dust settles and tempers flame down.

For New Zealand immigration, visit the official NZ site at

The Bahamas should not present much of a problem to migrate. I just can't see fooling around in hurricane country. No matter you politics you are still gonna need a grip of cash to help surround yourself with cabana boys. Escape From America Magazine will bust a few more illusions at
The office site for moving down south is

As far as South African is concerned, I don't think the young men though this through enough. It is a beautiful place. It is also a dangerous place. But if destiny is calling then visit

South Africa is very clear about their immigration policy. They don't mind you visiting but they want permanent residents who have something to offer. In other words, bring money, skills and your future.

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