Sunday, October 17, 2004

Think of Laura - Five Wishes Medical Directives

I remember Laura Branigan's voice. It was distinct and dramatic. So when I heard that she had passed away it aged me up just a little more than I would have liked.

We all are going to die. Me? I don't want to be a living example of "The Brain That Would Not Die" or take the risk that some new technology will keep me around longer than my body wants
to stay. Five Wishes is 12-page legal document that informs caregivers on:

  • Who you want making decisions for you when you can't?
  • Medical treatments you want and don't want?
  • ow comfortable you want to be?
  • How you want to be treated?
  • What you want your loved ones to know.
This guide forces you to make important decision about the quality of your health care and, just as important, the quality of your passing. It is not fun reading but if you have loved ones you
can make certain decisions easier for them to live with.

Then again, knowing some of my relatives, I would not want to leave the decision in their hands. Let's just say they are practical people. If there were any money in my estate, they sure would not want to waste it by keeping me on life support or assist me in receiving proper palliative care.

There is a fee to purchase the Five Wishes Medical Directives but you can download and review a non-printing copy by visiting The Aging With Dignity site

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  1. I attended a death and dying conference at Stanford a couple of years ago, and it was a real eye-opener to learn how INeffective those medical directives often are. Very depressing!