Sunday, October 24, 2004

Take It To The Limit - Urban Legend DeBunking

Some days I don't have time for a thought let alone a deep think. Places to go, people to see, all this and laundry too. I'm not really grousing about doing laundry - it is an opportunity to write and have I got stuff for this issue!

JibJab Update: In case you didn't hear the boys are legally off the hook. It was found that "This Land Is Our Land" fell out of copyright and is in the public domain. Yeah! The truth will set
you free.

Urban Legends - Speaking of the truth, there are a bunch of e-mail hoaxes being passed around, some are as old as Bigfoot. One of the best places to check out questionable stories is to visit The Urban Legends Reference Pages.

I have been meaning to go into deeper details about urban legends. I tend to ignore them but a friend sent me one the other day and I almost fell for it. However, just to be sure, I checked
and sure enough, it was complete fiction.

I realized we all are having trouble separating truth from fiction so any reliable help is much appreciated. Now not all urban legends are false. Here is a beauty about a certain cola -
Feel the curves? I live for this stuff!

So when somebody sends you an email about saving Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers being a killer marine, Save NPR, Cookies Recipes or the ACLU being against Marines praying (False!) this
is a good starting place.

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