Friday, October 15, 2004

Say It Isn't So - Dubya, JK, Science and Technology

What? You thought I'd go a whole issue without bringing politics into the mix? Nobody is safe until two months after the election, if then. It will take them that long to recount the count of the 3rd recount.

I came across an article from the international science magazine Nature. It asked 15 specific scientific and technology questions of both Dubya and Kerry. For example:

Q10-Does the Endangered Species Act need to be amended in order to operate more effectively? If so, how would you amend it?

BUSH: We need to modernize the act so that it provides the greatest benefits to those species most in need. For example, productive reforms could include habitat conservation plans,
conservation banking, voluntary agreements with landowners, and partnerships with states, tribes and nongovernmental organizations. These programmes could provide far greater
conservation benefits while avoiding unnecessary regulatory, economic and social burdens.

KERRY: John Edwards and I support protecting wildlife and the important goals of the Endangered Species Act. We will implement the act in a cooperative manner that extends
the benefits of wildlife and habitat protection to public and private lands. With adequate funding and a cooperative approach that works for both wildlife and property owners, we will continue
America's strong legacy of protecting wildlife.

Now don't get you hopes up that they will be straight forward, specific or dare I say it, completely candid. On some issues they are not that far apart and others are as wide as the Grand Canyon. To read the article visit: - or

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