Saturday, October 09, 2004

I Got Five On It - Osama Bin

Have to slip this in - can't believe it but I swear it is the real deal. Many folks have speculated that there will be an October Surprise in the form of a certain individual name Osama being escorted to an U.S. holding facility.

Well, step right up and place your bets. With Osama Bin you can place a $3 bet on the administration finding or producing Osama, or you can select U.S. invades North Korea,
invades Iran, Bush postpones the election or Bush kicks Dick Chaney to the curb.

Actually, you don't need to part with $3. In the rules you can request a free entry form but you need to act quickly to make the drawing. The grand prize is based on the total number of entries. The winner gets 50% of the total net amount with the maximum amount of $500,000. For more info, rules and other stuff visit

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