Monday, July 19, 2004

Message To Michael – Michael Moore & Fahrenheit 9/11

(Spoiler Alert – I will mention specific scenes in the movie and most of the citations that are left, far left and nosebleed left of center. But there is a list of websites that hate Michael Moore with a deep passion and that review is listed on the blog at

For me to truly be satisfied with Fahrenheit 9/11 it would have to be 37.5 hours. But I can live with giving up 2.5 hours of my time to see it. I have been trying to see this movie for three dad -gummed weeks. People were serious about seeing it, more so than seeing Spider-Man.

I guess the reason I wanted it longer was to counter pundits saying that Moore is giving half-truths or using video tricks to have viewers come to conclusions. To his credit, Moore does attribute most of the sources used in the movie on his web site -

To be fair there are pundit who are asking fair questions about some of the information in Moore’s movie. There is an article in the MS-NBC Newsweek that point out some questionable associations -

One segment I wished he could have spent more time with was the section about Dubya’s military (or lack thereof) service. Fortunately, I know where to go for the documented goodies; AWOL makes the case for Bush’s military evasiveness during his time of service.

Using documentation obtained from the Freedom of Information Act and other credible sources, there is no question in my mind as to the nature of his commitment to the military -

I also would have wanted more information on just how much money Halliburton is sucking out of the country. We are talking big American buckaroos here and even the extreme right leaning citizens would back me up on this investigation.

You can visit a new site that is available to address the many questions that are in limbo land - including a on-screen counter that shows just how many days, minutes and seconds since a formal probe has been opened on Halliburton’s accounting practices.

In the movie, there was a banquette where Duyba referred to the elite as “my base”. Here is some of the many ways his base is paying for his advertisements. It is a downloadable Adobe PDF file -

It is a good thing I don’t have access to Mikey cuz I got more stuff like Do You Know – The Policies and Practices of the Bush Administration - or

Yo Mike – I needed much more information about how the soldiers and veterans are about to have their pay and benefits cut. I got relatives in the service and vets in the family. I did find I articles from the SF Gate URL: and USA Vanguard, but I need more official confirmation.

So, Mr. Moore, I have to thank you. You gave me a class A headache -

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