Monday, July 19, 2004

It A’int Necessarily So – Restrictions on Photographers

Before anybody uses the magic words, “this is just an unfortunate aberration” you should also know that The Patriot Act and its progeny are affecting photographers of all colors, sizes and ethnicities - or

It is not just the cops on the hunt. Citizens confused /cautious are rattling photographers nerves as well -

New York Photographers are fighting to maintain their right to shoot pictures in the New York Public Subway system. Think about it, you could not shoot people coming into or out of the subway, the rail tracks or the homeless that live in the caverns of the system. It would be illegal to shoot unsanitary or unsafe stations, lovers on a train, the skyline view out of a train window or from a platform.

For photographers and casual snappers Bert Krages, a lawyer, provide free information about those potential interactions with your camera and those in law enforcement. You can download a guide at

And, as an added bonus, I found a site that lists various policies of transportation systems regarding photography.

Common sense goes a long way here.
  • Do not block the entrance/exit, don’t flash the conductor while he/she is working,
  • Don’t shoot up women’s skirts and
  • Be exceeding nice to the police.
  • But make them pry your camera out of your hands. Never, ever give it or the right to take pictures up. Democracy demands nothing less.

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