Sunday, June 06, 2004

Real Men Cook – BBQ and Good Work

Ah, memories of the Rib Crib fill my heart and soul. Winter battered folks lining up outside in parkas exposed to bone chilling weather. All for a taste of a slab of ribs or BBQ Chicken with a side of Cole Slaw. It was the frostbite that made us do it.

Fortunately, good BBQ is not hard to find. You can satisfy your charred meat or veggie desires and help the cause. Can you do good work by eating Sweet Potato Cheesecake? Of course you can!

Real Men Cook for Charity is hosted in various cities around the country. It brings together mothers, fathers, sister, brothers and all others who care about community. The men folk do the cooking and the women folk get to ask, “Is it done yet?” The young ones get to see Pop in a new light and more importantly, money is raise for various charities that provide support and assistance.

So if you live in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans or Philadelphia get ready for some serious eating and community building. For more information on the event, visit

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