Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Next Big Thing? – Gizmodo and Engadeget

I admit it. If I have to choose between a designer gown and a 400GB hard drive, I’ll go naked and pick the hard drive. Digital cameras and camcorders place stars in my eyes and the song of switching from Windows XP to Linux is getting louder.

When I need a non-financial fix on all that is new and wonderful I visit Gizmodo or Engadeget.

Gizmodo has a brief review, pictures and links to the gadget of the minute. On the day I visited there was the Philips KEY019 flash drive with built-in MPEG-4 camcorder, a snorkel style FM radio that plays underwater and Ultra High Definition Television that is being developed that will make television appear as if you are looking out of a clean plate glass window on a spring day -

Engadeget is very similar in concept to Gizmodo but I notice a few more entertainment and human-interest stories at the blog. The sheriff who took a hit of a Taser gun just to prove that it was not necessarily a bad or dangerous thing has got me worried about the decreasing intelligence of the American people. If you want to watch the video of him getting tasered, be my guest.

There is also information about the July 1st deadline for cable companies to provide access to a variety of digital cable boxes. Supposedly you are no longer locked into techno-crap boxes the cable company gives you. I really like the section on how to buy cell phones. Engadeget links to its own internal blog pages by topic so that you can really dive into a specific sections goodies.

You can never have too much stuff and between the two of these blogs I can barely keep up. This is much better than not even being in the loop -

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