Sunday, June 20, 2004

Foxy Lady – Firefox Browser

It is long past time to stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) as your Internet browser. Too many lowlifes are using MSIE flaws to deliver viruses, Trojans and the first scourge of 21st Century – spyware. Not to mention the “phishing” expeditions that could lead you to phony banking sites that want to harvest your personal identity and bank accounts.

The safest option at this point for Windows users is to download and use Firefox. It does a much better job of not allowing spyware to install on your computer without you knowledge or permission. There is an added benefit of multiple tables, stopping pop-up windows and greater control of how it looks and behaves.

I know in the past that I have recommended Crazy Browser as an overlay to MSIE. Seriously, get and use Firefox. Do not uninstall MSIE. There may be a few sites that are not totally compatible with Firefox (for the moment) and you can use both browsers at the same time.

Now it is not going to solve all of your problems, particularly if you download MP3s, bootleg software or have a tendency to visit sites of a “carnal” nature. If you have children or teenagers, you are automatically at risk.

Firefox is free, open source software. That means no money changes hands, constantly updated and much better security. For more information visit and to download Firefox visit

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