Friday, May 21, 2004

People Are Strange – The Museum Of Bad Art

You might find dogs playing poker on a velvet rug repulsive. Others see it as a cultural icon. One man’s kewpie doll is another man’s solid gold horseshoe with diamonds.

The Museum Of Bad Art makes no judgments on the quality of the art, so long as it is bad, ugly or at best questionable value. Not everyone can be a Marcel Duchamp.

Marcel was an early corruptive influence of mine. You got to love a guy who makes a perfect copy of the Mona Lisa and at the bottom, in French, writes the following: “She has a hot a**!” I was 15 when I saw it. It was cool. Marcel is too good for this museum. One look at Johnny McGrory's Unseen Forces Number 5 will just leave you baffled.

You have been warned.

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