Thursday, May 27, 2004

Butterfly Blue – Jon Sherman

I was rushing to catch a bus. I had agreed to be an audience participant at The Dennis Miller Show. I was going to be a rented $15 paid warm clapping body. I had talked myself into it. But my spirit was fighting me the whole way.

I rush through the Farmer’s Market wishing I could pick up one of each vegetable and fruit. I get to the bus stop and notice that my fellow passengers are a lot more mellow than is normal without medication.

I hear soothing music. There is Jon, playing to the crowd of shoppers. Somebody walks up and buys a CD. I see solar panels. The solar panels are providing electricity for the microphone and other equipment. I had never seen a non-polluting electronic musician before.

The bus is late. I do not care. I’m snapping pictures and grooving to the tunes. By the time it comes, it is too late to make my next bus connection. No loss. I feel inspired. Who needs food and that other stuff? You can get more information about Jon Sherman's use of solar panels for music or to order Jon’s CD at

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