Thursday, April 29, 2004

Self-Advocacy Media - Software Suggestions 2004

January 2007 - I wrote this before my involvement in video blogging and personal media. Before YouTube, before Blip TV and a bunch of stuff. It is even easier now. Check out tags for tutorials, PSA and Presentation.
So you have your blog, Got folks set up for RSS feeds but you still need content. In the prior century, you needed to be connected to a media source or money.

Now you can buy the tools for less than $80. Or maybe $0. Macromedia Flash is an animation program that let you create visual content. At $700 it
is expensive and hard to learn.

But if you have easy to use third party flash animation software like $79 SwishMax, Swish at $49.95 or the free program Powerbullet, you can create video or flash content.

Hook that up with a digital camera or camcorder you have the ability to add your opinion, create your own campaign ad and send it to friends, enemies and relations. Case in point, a friend sent me a flash animation about Dubya

I sent it on to another person. This is known as viral marketing by the way. Cost to transmit the ad? Less than 4 cents. I generally don't pass stuff along but I got caught up in the moment.

Now take it a step further. The news media ignores an event or chose not to write about a topic. You don't need them as much as you once did because you can now document it yourself and pass it on to other like minded individuals. They tell two friend and so on.

If you don't believe me just ask any teenage boy if he have seen Paris' video.

(This won't work if you ask your own son.)

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