Monday, August 24, 2015

So Tired Almost Forgot to Give the Post A Name

It is tough trying to be creative, productive and earn a living. I am tired. As in sleepy.


I want to say a lot of things but there are too many people talking already. Most of them are pushing air out there is no sense in their words.

I'd pontificate more but it is way past my awake time. But I did it. Imperfect and popping more Ps than a field of popcorn but the sucker is up.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Say the Name and Accept Who We Are

I'm grinding down to a halt but I wanted to get this posted. There is a web site called Teaching As I understand it it is a way to find authors for children and young adult books.

The site seems to support the people that make reading magical.

I say hook that rascals by any means necessary so it is all good to me. One of the items on the site is how to say an author's name.

I learned about the origin of Karen Finnyfrock's name. Hint: Chow Chow!

I think I'm going to have to practice Geert Spillebeen's name because there is more to it than it looks on a page.

And author Chieri Uegaki name is a lesson in respect, flexibility and good friends wanting to call you by your name.

Speaking of names the latest episode of the podcastis up. Not as many problems as before but I have to learn not to hit the desk when I am trying to make a point. I get kinda involved with my hands.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Bonding with Tewt

Not too many animated cartoons got past me as a kid. I even watched the ones I didn't like just to be informed of how much I didn't like it. I was a shade too young to catch up with The Mighty Hercules.

The initial run of the Trans-Lux Hercules was from 1963 to 1966  and I managed to miss it. I was hip deep into the Mighty Marvel Marching Society.

This is Tewt.

Me and Tewt have bonded and I wished I had seen him as a kid. I like the little fella.The kid's got sense and spunk.

The Mighty Hercules had better animation than Clutch Cargo. Clutch, you might remember was the animation where only the lips moved. Human lips.

It was creepy. It was fascinating. It was extremely limited animation.

Hercules does move but they recycled a lot of board work. After the third episode you get the gist of what is happening, what is going to happen and oh yeah, Olympia!

You don't have to watch it but just in case you were curious.

Now, Hercules is not the brights bulb but he gets the job done. He is befriended by Newton who is a centaur that says almost everything twice. If Newton is really upset he doesn't repeat everything. That doesn't happen very often.

Newton has four legs, Tewt has two. Just so you don't get confused.

Tewt doesn't speak. He has a pan pipe that has to be interpreted by those around him.

Tewt is pro-active. If he is saved or gets away from trouble my boy is running and not looking back until he finds himself some rocks to hide behind. He is not a coward. Tewt just want to get a breath of safety before he dives back into action.

Tewt does help and sometimes he saves folks. Out of all the characters in the cartoon he seems to be the only one that is willing to step up and help. It doesn't always work out but you'd have to look at all the taller folks in his world to see who and what he has to deal with.

I'm feeling ya dude.

Yeah, yeah Hercules has iron in his thighs and when he remembers to put on the ring he is powerful.
He don't always remember to put on the ring. Sometimes that blasted ring doesn't always solve the problem.

Tewt is a better wing man, er satyr.  He deals with what he can and is loyal but does not want to wind up something close to dead.

So what I have learned doing a crash course on The Mighty Hercules is that good friends are important. Choose your friends wisely. We could all stand a few more Tewts in our lives.

P.S. Episode 005 of the Anxiety Road Podcast is now up for grabs. Still struggling with the format and those got dang plosives and SSSS but can't turn back now.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

We All Rock at Different Speeds

I was on the bus and this man was verbally attacking a woman. Nothing new in that; seems to be an open sport now days. But you could tell that she had a problem, a mental health problem.

Old boy thought that insulting her, damning her and otherwise make her aware that she did not measure up to the high bar of humanity that he set himself up to be as lord and master of the planet.

The bus driver had had enough. He told the man "Shut up or get off the bus. You will not continue to disrespect this woman on my bus. "Shut up or get off...shut up or get off."

The woman was rocking back and forth and fighting back as best she could. The bus driver told her "Snap it back in place or get off the bus. Snap it back."

She stopped talking but was rocking, back and forth. Back and forth. She did the best she could under the circumstances. I guess the bus driver accepted rocking was as good as he was gonna get and we rolled on down the street.

Eventually she slowed down and was as stable as she was going to get.

Old boy was still making with the eyes of intolerance but he shut up too.

I'm thinking a lot about the insanity that is romping around as public discourse.  We are freaking the hell out. We are not being treated. We are being assaulted and I don't know what it will take to get us to a stable place of being.

On the Podcast Beat

I got a new episode out today, this one is on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Panic Relief app.

Every episode is a knock down dragged out war and I officially have gone through 5 microphones and still it is a fight to get my audio levels up. I don't have a problem speaking up but I am not loud enough.

In other words I have yet to find my microphone technique. It is a process but at this point it feeling like I'm bargain basement cheese spread.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

My First Step Into The Void

This is the start of what I have been working on for about six months. It has changed forms. It will change again but I had to stop talking about it and do it.

This is episode 000 of the Anxiety Road Podcast.  The podcast will talk about anxiety and panic attacks, treatment, some history and a wee bit of goofyness to make the information go do a bit easier.

I wish I could do the mental health version of Beakman's World. I can't but I can try to get the word out that mental health information and stigma busting does not have to be total drag.

The show notes page is located at

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Just About Ready to Launch

It has been a headache. A journey. A wallet cleaner. A commitment made and un-made. Just one more item I have to do and then it will be launch time.

This is the podcast logo I'm going with at the moment:

I've been through a bunch of them. Some fug ugly and some that were conceptually good but when I blew them up to the required 1400x1400 size they looked awful.

And then there is the change to 3000x3000 that just came into effect by Apple.

Yes. Okay.

I have bought microphones. I am up to my hips in microphones. If you are remotely thinking about podcasting go ahead and buy the Audio Technica podcasting microphones. Especially if you want you voice to have some solidity to it.

What else?


The fear of making a fool of myself. Of making mistakes. Of having people jump down my throat for making a mistake. That one isn't an unreasonable fear. I was watching a tech show and the two hosts did not know the type of material the item was made of; they thought maybe it was plastic, or metal or something.

Mind you they were reviewing the product. The comment were rough. Yes, they should have known what they had in their hands but they were roasted for not doing their homework before the show.

Here is the thing. It wasn't a serious "tech review show." But dang if the jackals didn't circle around the campfire.

I don't want to know people that leave that type of comments. Ever.

Yet they say put you azz on the line and give it a good.

They are right.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Learning Something New and It Hurts

So I'm just about ready to launch the audio podcast. I've had to speed learn about audio production, distribution and making it good.

My head hurts. It is like looking at the above highway sign. I know the form and the shape I want the podcast to take. I can see it and almost hear it in my head.

But I gotta get it out of my head and into the real world. I tell you, working with video is easier for me but you gotta try something new.

So, what have I learned:

Number 1. 

I do not want to do an interview show. When you start to learn about audio podcasting 99.999% of it is geared toward creating interview shows. Nothing wrong with interview shows. Not a bit. But I don't want to do one. Okay, fine but many of the people teaching about building a podcast talk about Skype and interviewing.

There are audio theater podcasts. History podcasts. Educational, sci-fi and a whole bunch more than interview podcasts. I swear to Jeebus there isn't anybody left to interview.

Then again, if you learn the basics and chuck out what you don't need you can do anything you want once you ramp up to speed.

Which is why I want to give a shout out to the History Pocasters; these folks take history and sometimes craft it into visions of audio drama or edutainment.  It is closer to the form that I want to try and it was really helpful.

Number 2

If you want piece of mind sometimes you have to pay for it.  This means being more efficient with time and resources. I didn't have time to dog down certain photos, sound fx or music themes. I purchased royalty free music and images. I got what I wanted and got it off my to do list.

Number 3

Failure. Not a big fan of it. Here is the thing. I can work in Audacity. It is a great free audio editing program. But I can barely function in it. Part of that is trying to learn and use it at the same time. Never a good thing. I had to let go of ego and watch a couple of good and bad tutorials.

I was so frustrated that I  used one of my video editing programs that can record audio to make prototypes. It was faster and I could test out ideas. That worked really well.

It just so happens that I had a music editing called Sony Acid Studio 10 on my computer that I like a whole lot better and found out that I can use it for podcast. I can move elements visually and bango chango it has made a huge difference.

So yeah, keep failing until you stumble into success.

I got a lot more failing I need to do so dig you later...