Sunday, July 10, 2016

American In the Nexus of Race and Guns Part 2

My gun education was passive; meaning I didn't have to do much to be indoctrinated. Saturday mornings television had adventure, sci-fi and westerns.

Guns played a major role in almost all of them.

This is an episode of the Lone Ranger animated series; it was steampunk before steampunkers were born.

Bad guys have the Gatling gun, good guys have pistols and arrows.

Bad guys have fire rain machine, good guys has pistols and a rope.

Lone Ranger stops army of bad men.

I would not have know about Latinos or people in the Southwest. I would not have questioned an army garrison or why Tonto was so bounded to the Ranger. And why didn't the horse catch a bullet or two?"

So I would have learned:

  • The myth that one man can stop an army. 
  • Guns save a nation.
  • Bad guys are stupid, why didn't Agent Z blow up the garrison and any other military support?

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