Sunday, August 02, 2015

Bonding with Tewt

Not too many animated cartoons got past me as a kid. I even watched the ones I didn't like just to be informed of how much I didn't like it. I was a shade too young to catch up with The Mighty Hercules.

The initial run of the Trans-Lux Hercules was from 1963 to 1966  and I managed to miss it. I was hip deep into the Mighty Marvel Marching Society.

This is Tewt.

Me and Tewt have bonded and I wished I had seen him as a kid. I like the little fella.The kid's got sense and spunk.

The Mighty Hercules had better animation than Clutch Cargo. Clutch, you might remember was the animation where only the lips moved. Human lips.

It was creepy. It was fascinating. It was extremely limited animation.

Hercules does move but they recycled a lot of board work. After the third episode you get the gist of what is happening, what is going to happen and oh yeah, Olympia!

You don't have to watch it but just in case you were curious.

Now, Hercules is not the brights bulb but he gets the job done. He is befriended by Newton who is a centaur that says almost everything twice. If Newton is really upset he doesn't repeat everything. That doesn't happen very often.

Newton has four legs, Tewt has two. Just so you don't get confused.

Tewt doesn't speak. He has a pan pipe that has to be interpreted by those around him.

Tewt is pro-active. If he is saved or gets away from trouble my boy is running and not looking back until he finds himself some rocks to hide behind. He is not a coward. Tewt just want to get a breath of safety before he dives back into action.

Tewt does help and sometimes he saves folks. Out of all the characters in the cartoon, he seems to be the only one that is willing to step up and help. It doesn't always work out but you'd have to look at all the taller folks in his world to see who and what he has to deal with.

I'm feeling ya dude.

Yeah, yeah Hercules has iron in his thighs and when he remembers to put on the ring he is powerful. He does not always remember to put on the ring. Sometimes that blasted ring doesn't always solve the problem.

Tewt is a better wing man, er satyr.  He deals with what he can and is loyal but does not want to wind up something close to dead.

So what I have learned doing a crash course on The Mighty Hercules is that good friends are important. Choose your friends wisely. We could all stand a few more Tewts in our lives.

P.S. Episode 005 of the Anxiety Road Podcast is now up for grabs. Still struggling with the format and those got dang plosives and SSSS but can't turn back now.

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