Sunday, January 19, 2014

Passion - A Visual Poem Trying to Make Cents

I'm always fussing about not having time. Not having enough time. Running out of time. Yes, I work a day job and I take classes both on and off-line. Then there is that sleep thing that I never seem to get enough off any more. Or I need more of it. I'm not sure.

I have been blocked. I caught a dose of the writers and video block. Depression. Sadness. Feeling that I don't have anything to say or show. This is not the truth but when you get caught in that loop you are constrained.

One of the things that help to shake me out of it was finding out that someone that was really productive and creative was going through the same thing. If this guy had a creativity block then a shrub like me has every right to have one too.

He wasn't the only one who was fighting to create and carry on with the day to day living. And then you have the other end where folks are popping videos like rabbits after an orgy.


So I have a new project that I have a goal of at least ten videos. The name of this project is Making ¢ents of it all. We pay for what we learn and don't learn. The little things add up. A penny for a thought.

It is a little different than what I've done in the past. I want to use video to create visual types of prose poems or found poetry. Sometimes narrated but sometimes not.

I know it is healthier for me when I create or write. I do have to fight to make the time. It is a fight but planning and lowering expectations are tools in the battle.

Lowing expectation meaning I do what I can this day. I have to hold tight to the fact that I make videos but they are not going to win me a prize anytime soon. But I have things to say so that is more important than being the next Captain Whizbang of Vid-E-Oh.

I have to clear my own path; be my cheerleader and take out the trash.

So be it.

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