Friday, January 24, 2014

Financial Literacy - A Visual Poem Making Cents of It All

I was standing in a beloved retail bastion of frugality. It is one of my favorite places because it is a source of inspiration. I was checking out the new items and I turned to see this bounty of sexual products.

There were lubes, washes, rubbers and wipes. I was amazed at the number of condoms that were available. As I was standing beholding the splendor, the music in the store changed to Bobby Womack's I'm Looking for A Love.

I would have uploaded that video as is but, alas, the copybots would have had the poem yanked quick fast and in a hurry.

So I had to think of other ways to convey this message of financial literacy. For the record, I am not saying don't buy 99¢ condoms. No, I am not. These are FDA regulated medical products. They are tested. There is a limit on the permitted fail rate.

But you might want to check the expiration date on the box. Or double up on them if buying a onesie is not in your immediate future.

The reason I stopped was because in most stores the condoms are locked up or visible in a distant glass case. You have to find someone to retrieve it for you. This could discourage a sale or two but I do understand retailers do not like to replenish stolen products.

The store had enough boxes for each person that wanted one. I got to hold a box and look it over; something I haven't been able to do before in pharmacies and department stores.

It was a moment.

PS - I really don't want to cast negativity toward the manufacture of the condoms. Broke folk need love and I fully support any glove that can be used to prevent STDs. Perhaps folks can do pre-testing before going full tactile?


  1. Hah. The next time I see a display of these at our dollar store, I'm taking a video. And, I'll think of you. :-)

    1. Tis but one in a thousand stories that can be found in these types of stores. I think the more condom videos we do will make the world a safe place for sexual expression.