Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yeah, It Is Early

As in five in the morning early. I have just enough time to prepare, scan e-mail and Twitter and then head out for a long day. Need brain food. Need another two hours of me time.

I like this RSA video about the power of quiet. About how we have to work with Extroverts and Introverts and respecting the powers that both bring to the conversation. I know a couple of boom boom kids I wish would shut the hell up.

These would be people that talk but have nothing real to contribute to the world but the empty uninformed chatter found in the vapid containers of their minds.

Sorry, the polite and diplomacy cells have not kicked in yet.

School is going well. Except for that quiz. I'm still pissed about two mistakes on the quiz. I knew the answers. I reviewed and then changed my mind.

And then got dinged -10 points because I did have the original answers. Which means one of two things.

I didn't really know the answer. Which I did.
Or I didn't trust or verify to myself that I knew the answer.

Which might be the same thing.

So part of this day will be spent in forgiving myself for being a doubtful human being. Of remembering that the point of the quiz is to point out what I need to review for mastery of a subject I am leaning about.

Not to have a perfect score.

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