Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Saved by Für Hildegard von Bingen or Let's Rock

I use to love Halloween. I liked scaring kids on the candy prowl. It was about tradition and fun and reminding the tikes that surprises can happen at any time.

This past few days has soured me on Halloween. Adults behaving badly. Very badly. I have no desire to show you the photos of grown men in black face with psudo blood on their shirts with white men with a gun nearby. I use the plural because there are multiple photos. Not one, not two but more...

Yeah, it became a theme this year.

But it isn't all white folks acting the fool. I've seen the tweets attacking black women from black folks. Cruelty doesn't get near that slice of hell posing as humor. Not linking to that either.

I'm not a prude. But I am older. And I know what goes around comes around. There are rules of behavior that have been forgotten because of a keyboard and a screen. People will be found. Dreams will be deferred or will be awkwardly explained away with an undercurrent of remorse.

I do not fight with Karma. Her TKO record is legendary.

I almost miss the porn-y aspect of Halloween. Almost, except I noticed that some of the adult costumes migrated down to the the toddler level. Ewww.

Yet, I come with a found treasure to salve and redeem those of us stuck with the masses. I've been sucking in MOCA.TV lately because if I'm not watching network television what am I viewing?


To be another is cool. To take an iconic uniform and tell a new story is also cool. Then again it might not be a new story but the passing down the line of the inner desire to bust out of L7.

I'm always up for it even if I'm busy being a drone at the hive. And that is why I like the true spirit of Halloween.

I recognize the name of Nonsuch Records from when I use to listen to radio station that played folk music. The performers are new to me, but I'm open to new grooves if you got them. I spent some moments on Devendra Banhart's site. There is a video clip with him and Biz Markie.

The Biz? Okay. I'm willing to check this guy out.

So maybe I don't hate Halloween. Maybe I hate what has been done to the day. Maybe I hate, dislike or I am very, very sad that many of my fellow Americans seem to take joy in scraping beneath the bottom of the barrel.

Then I see a video like this and maybe there are multiple ways to shine the light. Multiple ways to tell the tale. Hold on and that one step forward. Breathe. Repeat.

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