Monday, May 28, 2012

Vlogging While Brown 2011 Panel Session Video

When the blahs hit and you think there isn't anything to conjure up I say dive into the external hard drive video shoe box and see what you got.

The Blogging While Brown Conference 2012 is happening in Philadelphia this year. I can't make the trip but I do have some video to share.

This is a session about Videoblogging while Brown. This clip talks about the need to have a thick skin when you present yourself to the viewing public.

The Vlogging While Brown Panel participants were Roshini Cope, Andrea Tasia and Lydia Cotton.

Just two quick points. There is all kinds of ways to do videoblogging. There is talking head, personal narrative, advocacy, travel, cooking,  pick a topic and somebody has done a video on it. 

You do want to put on your internal slickers to repel some the bile that could come your way.

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