Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Moment to Laugh Freely

We use to have fun. You know? We use to laugh freely and didn't care what anybody thought. When I look at this video I remember when I was this open and ready to laugh and just enjoy the moment.

It isn't about the erotic cookies. To me, it is about being engage in work that make you happy.

We have creaky old hypocritical men trying to dictate what we can do with our bodies. Trying to re-introduce shame. This is a video by Philip Campbell for the Montreal Gazette.

Let's not help them do that. Let's laugh in their sad faces and find joy, how ever you define it. But if you want to kick it with Roscoe Palmer that is okay by me.
No shame. A bit of peak a boo but more "oo la la".

Mainly I just wanted to share her laughter.

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