Thursday, August 18, 2011

Smoothies and Vibrators on a Thursday Afternoon

Yes there are more important things to do in the world. I have chosen to sit at my desk and drink an ice cold Strawberry smoothie.

As I peruse the Tweet stream friends are talking about that vibrator movie. I don't like the name of the movie, Hysteria, but that has more to do with the old pathology of doctors treating women as a literal bag of symptoms.

I like the idea of women going to a place where they can have therapeutic orgasms. So yeah, in theory the movie sounds okay.

As part of BlogHer 2011 swag I got two silver bullet things and a hunk of pink plastic with a disco ball at the end of it.

Thanks Eden!

Not quite sure what to do with them. I'll figure out something.

Ok, yeah I know what I could do with them. It it is good to have tools in the kit. Diversify and broaden the horizons.

I think I want to put some mango, coconut water and tamarind powder in the mixer. Just to see what happens.

Watching a movie about repressed wealthy Victorian women going to the only place where their sexual needs are met under a cover of "illness" does not make me all gooey. I sure could use a good laugh though.

I remember going to the various on-line vibrator museums in the early days of the Internet. They were a hoot and not at all scuzzy.

Still clogging the tubes are:

I don't have enough mango left. Added it to the remaining strawberries and ice. Works just as well.
Where was I? Oh yeah. So it is 2011. It is almost okay to admit you have sex toys. But not really. It will make obtaining a new job more interesting. I'm okay at the Salt Mine for now but should I leave it this post could be problematic.

They will look at the two candidates. One will have grey hair and glasses. She'll look like some one's auntie. They run my name and "Oh, my Mr. Zlocknicledo, not her, the woman is to ... public with her opinions."

Too late. I done did it. But I have to speak out loud because women going through peri-menopause and menopause need to know there are options.

Sometimes you have a mate and sometimes you don't. Things have to be dealt with or there are consequences. You want no part of the consequences such as that energy builds up and you not only want to do the seventh fleet but afterwards you want to consign the whole ship to hell.

Intellectually you know that is wrong but intellect has no control over estrogen zipping all over the place and androgen saying "Peek a boo, baby."

You will apologize less if you take care of yourself, how ever you define it.

Me? I'm just drinking a smoothie.


  1. Laughing out loud here. Heh.

    Enjoy that smoothie. :-)

  2. Yeah, go on an laugh. I am going to get people very disappointed that I don't provide a combination smoothie/vibrator recipe.

  3. Smoothies and Vibrators go good together :) i could emagine feeling a tingle while the swirl the smoothie :)