Thursday, August 11, 2011

It Was Rush and Then It Was Gone

I have been to seven BlogHer conventions. Each one has a different personality and tone. The energy and engagement changes from year to year. You should know that each year that I have gone I usually say to myself, "Ok, I've done it no need to visit again."

That last for about eight months and then I want to see folks and give it another go again. Because of the unexpected joy. This is a video from 5secondsformom on a Flash Mob dance at lunch.

It kinda represents what we can get out of the conference. Make it happen. Dance if you want it. You want business and professional sessions? Yes it was there. You want to learn how to make money via your blogs? Had that too.

You want to talk about camcorders and editing options? Righty-O there is a Geek Bar. Need your swag fix? You can be accommodated.

This year I really wanted to meet new folks and I did. I had to put out the effort and push past some of my inner bashfulness. (I'm more introverted than I let on, I just fake it well.)

There were moms. There were women who do not have children. Men folks. Transgendered folks. Most of all there was talking. And some squeeing. I have adapted to it.

If you can't squee at BlogHer then something is wrong in the world. I'm not a squeeker, I tend to ackkk!

Where There Bad Things?

Yes. The San Diego Convention Center Wi-Fi was spotty and non-functional for me at my Geek Bar session. It was for a lot of people. It happens. Folks do not believe that 3,000 Internet savvy women can cripple or knock out their system.

There was a thief who stole 15+ wallets that orbited the exhibition hall.

My knee didn't like the walk from the hotel to the convention center but the body needed to move.

It does seem that more marketers are creeping in the door but on the positive side maybe we can help them understand that not all women are moms, moms are not stupid and that perhaps you need to come to grips that this is now a multi-dimensional community.

Don't roll up bringing tired old scrips. Listen. Talk. Engage.

It takes a while to figure things out. Still processing. Not sure if I will go to New York City again. I'll let you know around April.


  1. You must. You must go to NYC in 2012. You know I will cry if you don't and I really hate to cry.


  2. I'm still catching up on my sleep. That sucker wore me out. Denise anytime I am too tired to eat fried macaroni and cheese or lamb kabobs and voluntarily put myself to bed you have to know I was pooped.

    I need to start a fitness program. This is not acceptable. I got to go into training. I'll let you know ;-)