Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Poetry In Plain Sight - Ajarae

It is the last few hours of International Women's Day. I didn't make it to a bridge. It was all I could do not to sneeze. There are some power winds blowing.

These are not my beloved Santa Ana winds. There is no warmth in the wind blowing outside, just forces of nature. Sometimes the forces gang up on you.

You need reinforcements. You might have to reach for a book of poems to brace yourself up. These are two short inspirational poems from Ajarea to help stoke the inner light.

For more information on the doing of the San Gabriel poetry community skedaddle on over to the Saturday Afternoon Poetry blog.

In local poetry news:

Don Kingfisher Campbell has a new poetry mp3 up on Amazon.

Also The Inner Four has a couple of sonnets and whatnots available for purchase.

If you live in Whittier, CA and are a poet you still have time to enter the poetry contest run by The Writers Club of Whittier. They are looking for poems 30 lines or less. For more info check out the Keep A Poem in Your Pocket on Facebook.

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