Sunday, January 02, 2011

I'm Learning to Cook with An Induction Burner

When my burner conked out on me I had to make find an alternative means of cooking food. I live in a small space so I really needed something compact and functional.

I do have a microwave someone gave me years ago. I've used it about 10 times in 8 years. Nothing wrong with it. I just don't like using it.

I've cooked with wood, gas, electricity and now induction. Still waiting on my gizmo to tell it what I want to eat and it makes it for me.

This is a video of a comparison between gas and induction cooking. I do like watching men cook. Having them speak French is a bonus.

Innovation, yeah I needed a dose of culinary innovation. I decided to get a small induction burner for under $100.

It does work. Maybe a little too well, I have burned a couple of dinners. It really cooks much faster than gas or electric. You have to remember to put it on the proper settings or things will get extra crispy fast.

There is the rub, I don't know the proper settings. I have learned not to start at 1300 watts. You gotta dial that bad boy back to 600 watts and work your way up if you need to.

Another thing is that you might have to shelve some of your cookware if it is not cast iron or stainless steel. I'm dogging the thrift stores for more cast iron pots but in the meantime I'm doing ok with what I have.

What I don't have is adaptive recipes. There was a mini recipe guide included with the burner but I've lost it. I can't find English language videos on how to cook with induction burners. I'm gonna have to dive into the UK and Europe blogs to figure out what I can do.

No, I don't speak French but so long as I can get to Google Translate I'll be fine.

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