Friday, December 17, 2010

Have You Ever Seen the Rain on the Finally Friday Freakout

It is raining in Los Angeles. We have skipped Fire season and headed straight for the drips.

Don't get me wrong, Fire season is nothing to be desired but it was a bit warmer and you can do more stuff outside. We never got our heatwave. We didn't even have a proper summer, if you ask me.

No, we have, and I do appreciate on a certain level, rain.

It rained on me this week. It was one of those challenging weeks where I couldn't ignore my body. I caught a cold. I do not like to be sick. Hate it. This is the second time this year I had a really bad cold.

Dear people, If you think you have a cold or flu stay the heck home. I know you have a job to go to. I hear you. This is what sick days are for. To stay home and be sick. You'd be so much more comfortable than snapping at co-workers. And infecting people like me. Think about it.

Last weekend it was 80 degrees and I couldn't enjoy it. I missed out on recording 20 poets. Sadness. I had no choice. I was on bed rest duty. This weekend I'm better and it is a steady rain outside.

I know. I live in a desert. We really need the water. You don't have to shovel it and the plants are very happy.

I'm not.


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