Monday, November 08, 2010

Being 52 - Bookaholic

Some women do shoes. I have books. Lots and lots of books. Mysteries, computer, history, dictionaries all over the joint. I have hardback, paperback, pdf, cassette, CD and mp3 books.

I do not as yet have a book reader. The desire is there but I'm waiting for the perfect one. I'll probably will be sleeping with it.

This is my Day 8 video for #Vlomo10 - National Videoblogging Posting Month.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. The music in the video is from


  1. I'm pretty much the same when it comes to books. I'm sure I'll be found dead beneath a great pile that have finally fallen from my shelves. Having said that, I did clear out a great many some years ago prior to moving and am now slightly regretting that I did. I like to be in the presence of books.

    I now have an iPad and am using/testing that as a portable library. I'm finding I am 'reading' a great deal through it, absorbing long texts whilst sitting comfortably (comfortably as in sprawled out in cafes and drinking coffee!). It's a natural extension of web interaction, too and relatively easy to use as a book reading device. The Amazon Kindle app seems to work well on it, and offers a wide range of books. I can carry an enormous library of works with me in a small bag. Extraordinary.

    Even so, I still love physical books and their immediate and total replacement by digital texts seems to me a way off yet (if at all).

    I love this video.

    *Oh, and hello. :)

  2. Yeah. That probably the way I'm going out too. There was a married couple in one of the recent prior earthquakes that were surrounded by books.

    Yep. The books did them in.

    What can we do? We have ink in the blood.

  3. Loved reading your Career Reclamation Project article for BlogHer. I am trying to figure out what my life calling is and realizing that sometimes you just have to throw things out there and what sticks is the path I should follow.

  4. Thank you for checking it out. In the next post I want to find resources that will help folks not get overwhelmed or feel like they have done all they can do.

    Now if I could just come up with a video idea before midnight.