Sunday, November 07, 2010

Being 52 - Book Learning

On this day I learned that no matter what you planned to do something can happen to make you wish you never heard of computers, cameras or vlogging. I went out and shot video.

I was using my 5th Generation Nano for what I like to think of as my retail whimsy documentator. Came home, extracted the video and discovered that the Nano records video in 480 x 640 as well as 640 x 480.

I had a bunch of video in a non-standard format. Ok, no problem. I can use QuickTime to apply layers. Something I haven't done in six years. It was clunky even then. Wasn't going to happen tonight either.

Corel Studio crashed three times. Magix only will play have of each videos and Serif Movie Plus is in on the human boycott too.

So this is my lemonade. It is true, but it took three hours to admit it to myself. I shake my fist as the mentioned programs and expect better from them in the future.

Which means tomorrow. This is Day 7 of #vlomo10. Whoopee.

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